Blonde Highlights

Before Shot

Step by Step_Blonde Highlights_Before

Lauren’s hair had become yellow from previous processing and the everyday wear, tear and pollutants that take their toll on blonde hair. Using NXT Permanent Hair Colour, Lauren’s hair was transformed to a brighter, cooler blonde with a reflective shine.

Step By Step

Step by Step_Blonde Highlights_StepOne

Step 1

Mix 1:2 NXT Pro-Tech Bleach with NXT Créme Developer 20vol/6%.

Step-by-Step_Blonde-Highlights_StepTwo 1

Step 2

Take sections of hair through the front sides and central section and apply using foils.

Step by Step_Blonde Highlights_StepThree

Step 3

Allow to develop for 40 minutes. Remove foils, rinse hair thoroughly and towel dry.

Step-by-Step_Blonde-Highlights_stepFour 1

Step 4

Apply NXT Semi-Permanent Colour 9-01. Apply from root to tip and leave in for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, then shampoo and condition using IQ No Yellow Shampoo and Silverising Mask.

Step by Step_Blonde Highlights_StepFive

Step 5

Section fringe, use a razor to trim fringe at the jawline.

Step by Step_Blonde Highlights_StepSix

Step 6

To protect the hair, apply IQ 10-in-One or IQ Blow Dry Cream and blow dry.

Blonde Highlights 7.1

Step 7

Use IQ Clever Dust at the roots to add volume and texture.

The Finished Look