Brunette Balayage

Before Shot

Step by Step Brunette Balayage_Before

Our model Alice, has natural amber tones, the balayage service will enhance and add a natural, sun kissed final look.

Step By Step

Step by Step Brunette Balayage_StepOne

Step 1

We used base shade NXT Permanent Colour 5-0 mixed 1:1 with NXT Créme Developer 10vol/3%, a shade similar to the natural colour and tone of the hair.

Step by Step Brunette Balayage_StepTwo

Step 2

Perform a freehand root drag. Then create 4 sections – 2 side and 2 central. Tease roots and gently backcomb.

Step by Step Brunette Balayage_StepThree

Step 3

On each side take 2cm sections and apply a 1:2 mixture of NXT Pro-Tech Bleach and NXT Créme Developer 20vol/6% below the backcombed hair. Continue this through all sections, alternating with the base shade.

Step by Step Brunette Balayage_StepFour

Step 4

Allow to develop for 35 minutes, rinse and shampoo hair.

Step by Step Brunette Balayage_StepFive

Step 5

Use a brush to apply NXT 8-13 Semi- Permanent Colour to the mid-lengths and ends and allow 20 minutes to develop. Then rinse, shampoo and condition with IQ Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step by Step Brunette Balayage_StepSix

Step 6

To style, apply IQ Root Boost and blow dry to achieve the desired look.

Step-by-Step-Brunette-Balayage 7.1

Step 7

Use IQ Style Spray to create control and add shine that lasts all day!

The Finished Look