Charlie Before Shot

Charlie, already a natural redhead, wanted her tones enhanced to give a bright fiery colour to compliment her skin tones.

Step by Step

Step by Step Red_Step One_300x300px

Step 1

Spray 10 in 1 throughout the hair to even porosity and increase manageability. Section the hair into 4.

Step by Step Red_Step Two_300x300px

Step 2

Pre-mix shade 1 (7-4 (40g), 5-4 (10g) with 6% (50g) and apply to the regrowth using a tint brush in a feathering technique.

Step by Step Red_Step Three_300x300px

Step 3

Apply 7-43 with 3% working from the regrowth colour to the ends of the hair.

Step by Step Red_Step Four_300x300px

Step 4

Create a colour melt by blending the two shades using your fingers to merge the colours together.

Step by Step Red_Step Five_300x300px

Step 5

Rinse the colour and emulsify, then wash with IQ Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. Towel dry and apply IQ Volume Mousse evenly throughout the hair.

Step by Step Red_Step Six_300x300px

Step 6

The hair was blow-dried using a round brush, and put in to pin curls. Curls dressed out using a flat brush, and IQ Clever Dust added to the root area for additional volume and texture.

The Finished Look