Holly – Blonde Highlights with Warm Varied Tones

Before Shot

Holly 1

Step By Step

Holly 2

Step 1

Place fine highlights through the front sections using NXT High Lift dust free bleaching powder & 3% developer.

Holly 3

Step 2

Place foils along the parting to half way through the top and down the sides

Holly 4

Step 3

Section the back from just above the occipital bone to the top of the ears

Holly 5

Step 4

Apply 10ml NXT 4.0 Medium Brown + 5ml NXT 6-0 Dark Blonde + 1ml NXT 0.2 Violet Corrector + 3% developer throughout the section. This will create a contrast with the lighter blonde sections

Holly 6

Step 5

Comb through and cover will foil

Holly 7

Step 6

Apply lighter colour 45ml NXT 10.02 Lightest Peal Blonde + 12% developer to the remaining top section using 45ml 10-02 + 12% developer. Apply to roots throughout the top section through to the front taking care not to disturb the highlights

Holly 8

Step 7

Comb through to mid lengths and ends for the last 10 minutes of development, avoiding hair left out of the weaves. Allow to process.

Holly 9

Step 8

Shampoo, condition and towel dry. Apply IQ Gel Spray for a loose hold

Holly 10

Step 9

Use a medium, cylindrical Head Gear heat retaining brush to smooth and create curl.

Holly 11

Step 10

Roll hair around brush and allow to cool for a soft curl

Holly 12

Step 11

To finish lightly spray with IQ Hairspray

Holly 13

Step 12

Spray and lightly loosen with fingers

The Finished Look

The finished colour is blonde with warm and varied tones that has the appearance of being sun-lightened and natural. Blow-dried into loose curls, the hair is lightly finished which, like the colour, gives a soft natural look.