Jenny – Red Rich with Violet Colour Flash

Before Shot

Jenny 1
Jenny 2

Step by Step

Jenny 3

Step 1

To add a colour flash, take a diagonal section approx 10cm long by 3cm wide and pre-lighten using NXT High Lift dust free bleaching powder & 6% developer. Lift according to the desired contrast.

Jenny 4

Step 2

Shampoo and dry the pre-lightened colour flash and section away from the rest of the hair.

Jenny 5

Step 3

Mix 10ml NXT 0.2 Violet Corrector + 1ml 1.0 NXT Blue Corrector + 3% developer and add weaved lowlights to the pre-lightened colour flash using around 50% of the pre-lightened hair.

Jenny 6

Step 4

Carefully section the pre-lightened/lowlighted hair and secure

Jenny 7

Step 5

Mix 20ml NXT 7.66 Medium Intense Red Blonde + 20ml NXT 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde +20ml NXT 7.00 Intense Medium Blonde + 6% developer and apply to re-growth.

Jenny 8

Step 6

Once retouch has been completed allow to process. 10 minutes before the processing time is completed, open the foils and add the remaining violet colour using a free hand combing method, leaving a few un toned strands.

Jenny 9

Step 7

Use the back of a comb, work the colour onto the hair using vertical strokes. Carefully isolate and develop according to required contrast.

Add water and massage base colour to the mid lengths and ends to refresh.

Jenny 10

Step 8

Shampoo, condition and towel dry. Apply IQ styling Mouse liberally throughout the hair

Jenny 11

Step 9

Use a large, cylindrical Head Gear heat retaining brush to smooth and straighten

Jenny 12

Step 10

Use the dryer and brush to drag the hair down smooth avoiding root lift

Jenny 13

Step 11

Spray throughout the hair with IQ Hairspray before brushing smooth into place

The Finished Look

The finished colour is a rich red with a deep sheen punctuated by a hot red and violet colour feature. The hair is styled smooth with minimum root lift to accentuate the rich shine.