Transition Melt

Before Shot

SBS 3 Before Look

Step By Step

Melt 1

Step 1

Pre-lighten the end third using a freehand Balayage technique to a warm blonde then section the head into quarters using the natural parting

Melt 2

Step 2

Apply formula 1: 100g 5-62 + 100g 3% to the roots and 2-3cm down the hair length. Apply loosely to avoid a line

Melt 3

Step 3

Apply to the roots of the four sections, using diagonal sections at the nape

Melt 4

Step 4

As you work up the head, ensure the root colour doesn’t get on the lightened ends.  (You may want to use a wrap, meche or foil to protect the ends)

Melt 5

Step 5

Apply formula 2: 40g 7-62 + 20g 5-62 + 60g 3% to the mid-length section

Melt 6

Step 6

Apply formula 3: 75g Pink + 75g 3% to the final third of the section through to the ends

Melt 7

Step 7

Using fingers, massage the three colour sections together so there is a progressive blend between the colours

Melt 8

Step 8

Continue working up the head taking care to blend the three colours

Melt 9

Step 9

As you work up the head, separate the sections using wrap, meche or foil to stop bleeding

Melt 10

Step 10

Work up through the sections until the head is covered

Melt 11

Step 11

Leave to process for 40 minutes

The Finished Look

The finished look is a soft, natural colour melt from rich warm violet brown through to a soft dusky pink