Metallic Multi Tone Colouring

Before Shot

SBS 1 Before Look

Step By Step

Metallic 1

Step 1

Pre-lighten the hair. Then pre-tone with IQ Silverising Shampoo and Silverising Mask. Apply formula 1: 40g 6-12 + 40g 3%. Section off the top section from the recession line. Using meche or foil, take thin horizontal sections, apply formula 1 to the roots and 2-3cm of the mid-lengths

Metallic 2

Step 2

Apply formula 2: 15g Pink + 1g 6-66 + 16g 3% to the ends and overlap and ‘melt’ the two colours to avoid a line. Secure the meche and move up to the next section

Metallic 3

Step 3

Take a further section and apply formula 1 to the roots and part way down as before. Apply formula 3: 15g Pink + 15g 3% to the ends and ‘melt’ the two colours as before. Use the meche of the previous section as a platform to apply the colour. Using fingers to massage well into the hair

Metallic 4

Step 4

Use meche or a wrap to keep the sections separate

Metallic 5

Step 5

Continue working up through the section using formula 1 on the roots and mid-lengths and alternating formulas 2 and 3 from the mid-lengths to ends. Ensure the colours are melted together

Metallic 6

Step 6

For the second panel, begin working through the second panel applying formula 1 to the roots and 1-2cm down the length

Metallic 7

Step 7

Apply formula 4: 15g 8-12 + 15g 3% to the remainder of the section, again ‘melting’ the two colours

Metallic 8

Step 8

Continue through the second panel applying formula 1 to the roots and lower part of the section and formula 4 to the remainder

Metallic 9

Step 9

Finally apply formula 1 to the remaining short hair and massage in

Metallic 10

Step 10

Leave to process for 40 minutes

The Finished Look

The result is a soft, feminine colour of two-tone blondes with a soft dusky pink fashion feature