Tone, Lift, Create

TLC is an off-scalp highlighting system that provides up to 5 levels of lift. In one easy process, it tones the hair whilst lifting, allowing you to create multi-tonal highlights – all in up to 12 minutes.

It can be used on natural or previously coloured hair. TLC is a simple system comprising of one lightening powder, 2 activator strengths and 5 pigments, meaning you’re free to fully customise your colour results.

It’s quick and easy to use and removes the need for additional toning.

To download the TLC information brochure please click here.


TLC is a simple system which is easy to use. The main benefits include:

  • Time saving and efficient (there is no need to tone after bleaching)
  • Lift and tone in one easy step with up to 5 levels of lift
  • Cool tones to neutralise and warm tones to lift – no need for extra toning
  • Process and develop in only 12 minutes
  • Leaves the hair looking healthy and shiny

TLC Colour System

TLC also leaves the hair looking healthy, shiny and more like a high lift tint rather than the raw looking finished result of normal bleaches.

If a client has underlying orange or copper tones and wants to achieve a clean blonde look, the addition of the blue pigment into the mix will neutralise the warm tones during the lifting process. This gives you a perfect clean blonde result with no need for separate toning.

The warm TLC pigments will create subtle tones of blonde. Not bright red or orange results as their pre-mixed appearance might suggest.

TLC is a big time saver – only 12 minutes to lift & tone with the same results as NXT making this perfect for lunch time highlights and mobile salons.

Normally a hairdresser would have to lift the hair with bleach (which could take up to 1 hour) remove then apply a separate toner to give the result required but with TLC not only is the development time only 12 minutes it tones during this process also so there is no need to need to use a separate toner after.

TLC Bleach is ammonia free and the pigments contain Bamboo extract which is conditioning to the hair. This means the hair does not become damaged like when using normal bleach.