Victoria – Brown Natural Tone Variation

Before Shot


Step By Step

Victoria 2

Step 1

Section the back just below the crown to the top of the ears

Victoria 3

Step 2

For the back colour mix 20ml NXT 4.00 Intense Medium Brown + 10ml NXT 4.75 Medium Rich Brown + 3% developer

Victoria 4

Step 3

Apply to roots

Victoria 5

Step 4

Then to mid lengths and ends

Victoria 6

Step 5

Mix second colour 30ml NXT 5.00 Intense Light Brown + 10ml NXT 5.75 Light Rich Brown + 3% developer and apply to the roots of front section

Victoria 7

Step 6

Then through mid lengths to the ends

Victoria 8

Step 7

Comb through both sections but keep separate and leave to process

Victoria 9

Step 8

Shampoo, condition and towel dry. Apply IQ 10 in 1 spray to strengthen, protect and rejuvenate

Victoria 10

Step 9

Apply IQ Volume Mousse

Victoria 11

Step 10

Spread evenly throughout the hair

Victoria 12

Step 11

Use a medium, cylindrical Head Gear heat retaining brush to straighten and smooth and to create moderate root lift

Victoria 13

Step 12

Use heated stylers to polish the hair

Victoria 14

Step 13

To finish use IQ Style Spray

Victoria 15

Step 14

Lift and spray throughout the hair

Victoria 16

Step 15

Finally use the dryer to loosen the look and add movement without reducing the shine and finish

The Finished Look

The finished look has a colour that’s deep with a rich sheen and a natural tone variation through the front and back. The style is simple and elegant with soft movement and light texture.