Meche Long

NXT Meche Long

When you want to create beautiful multi-tonal highlights or babylights, but need to monitor the development of the colour, meche is the hair colourist’s very best friend.

The modern alternative to foil, the clear panel on the front of the meche takes any guess work out of colour development times enabling you to remove the colour at the perfect moment.

The strong adhesive strips are attached close to the root for precision colouring, but can easily be released with no pulling or tugging once the process is complete. They are secure, with no slipping, making them quicker and easier to use than foil.

Our meche is available in two versatile lengths, Long and short. NXT Colouring Meche Long is perfect for clients with longer hair. It matches up to the standards of the market leaders in everything except the cost effective price tag.


How To Use NXT Meche

Place the back of the meche in the client’s hair, according to the desired colour placement.

Apply one or multiple NXT trade-only hair colours to the tresses using a tint bowl and brush.

Seal the package using the adhesive strip. Repeat with as many packages as required for the beautiful finish you require.

NXT Meche can be used with all major colour brands, including the highly acclaimed, but affordable NXT Permanent Hair Colour range. It is an affordable alternative to the leading name-brand, but delivers the same precision results that technicians and mobile hairdressers love. NXT meche is now sold in many hair and beauty wholesale distributors.