Hair Colouring Accessories

No professional technician or freelance hairdresser could perfectly execute their skill as a hair colourist without quality trade-only hair colourants and a range of reliable colour support tools.

From meche to colour mousse, foil to foam wraps, developers and releasers to colour removers and bleaches, NXT offer the salon-friendly tools you need to deliver beautiful precision hair colour, highlights, and tints.

In keeping with the NXT ethos, our colouring accessories are only sold through wholesale and trade-only hair and beauty distributors, and offer the quality products that a colourist needs to get the best results for their clients without an over-sized price tag.

NXT developers and releasers use cutting edge technology to increase brightness and colour stability. The lotions are the perfect consistency to easily mix with the permanent colour range (developer) or mildly-oxidising semi-permanent hair colour (releaser) for an easy to apply solution.

Our accessories, including meches, bleach and colour removers, are also suitable for mobile hairdressers and session colourists.