NXT Colour Star


Primary colours are colours that can not be made up by mixing other colours together. They are Red, Yellow and Blue.

Secondary colours are colours made up by mixing x 2 primary colours together. They are Orange, Green and Violet.

Tertiary colours are colours that are made by mixing x 1 primary and x 1 secondary colour for example Orange, Red, Blue and Green.

The NXT Colour Star can be divided in to 2 sections . The warm side and the cool side. The warm colours are Red, Orange and Yellow. The cool colours are Green, Blue and Violet.

You could use a warm or cool fabric, or Gold and Silver foil held against the clients face to ascertain what colours compliment or contrast a client’s skin tone.

Subduing Colour Tones
Using the colour star we can very simply understand how to resolve simple tone issues. By using the colours that are directly opposite each other we can subdue the tone. For example to subdue hair that looks very Red use a colour that has a tone of Green within and so on.