Let’s Talk Hair Colour

We love hair colour. It’s what we do. It’s what we’re good at. It’s what we’re passionate about.

We love the transformative effect a change of hue has on a client’s sense of well-being. We love the way a skilled colourist can brighten up someone’s face with a few face-framing pieces. We love the ability to make someone’s eyes pop just by going two shades darker, or the way you can add a rosy glow to someone’s cheeks by adding a hint of warmth.

We love the simplicity of mixing a permanent hair colour and a developer to change someone’s appearance. We love the creativity of mixing two shades to create a personalised tone that’s bespoke to that one special client. We even love the clever science that enables different sized molecules to penetrate different parts of the hair shaft (the cortex and the cuticle in case you’re wondering) to alter the appearance for up to 24 shampoos – just long enough to get used to it and decide if it’s a forever option.

If you love colour the way we do then we should chat! Whether you’re a professional wholesaler who’d love to add a new cost effective but quality colour range to your repertoire, a distributor with a new range that you think would fit perfectly into our portfolio, or a savvy salon owner or freelance hairdresser who just wants to talk hair colour we can’t wait to hear from you.

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Wholesaler Enquiry

We’re proud to be stocked in many of the most renowned hair and beauty wholesalers in the UK. It would be great to include your wholesale business on that list of retailers.Contact us to begin a bright and beautiful friendship.

Distribution/Manufacturer Enquiry

We’re always looking to expand our portfolio of quality hair products, tools and accessories at intelligent prices. If you have a new range of innovation that will fit into our professional portfolio, let’s chat.

Hairdresser Enquiry

Are you a technician in a salon who’s bored of the same old colours that you’ve been using since you trained? Perhaps you’re a mobile hairdresser who is feeling the squeeze from the big chains’ constant colour sales. Or maybe you’ve just got a question about the result you’ll get with a specific shade. Let us bring a new colour into your lives. Find your nearest NXT stockist here.