NXT Semi-Perm Shade Guide

NXT Semi-Permanent Shade Guide

The NXT Semi-Permanent shade guide is now available to download. Please click on the link below to download your copy.

NXT semi-permanent hair colours are free from ammonia and are also paraben free. The semi-permanent range does include PPD (paraphenylenediamine or p-phenylenediamine) which is safe to use in hair colourants. The colourist can be confident of great results every time and the colour will look fresh and bright for 18-24 washes.

There are 42 intermixable shades for you to choose from. See the chart below for details. For perfect results apply to clean towel-dried hair using a tint bowl and brush. Detailed instructions for use are below.

NXT Semi-Permanent Colour Instructions for use

Always mix NXT Semi-Permanent colour with NXT Releaser 1.5%. The normal mixing ratio is 1:2 (50ml NXT Semi-Permanent Colour + 100ml NXT releaser).

For more intense coverage of grey hair, the mixing ratio is 1:1.5 (50ml NXT Semi Permanent Colour + 75ml NXT releaser). Always mix your colour and releaser in a non metallic bowl.


To apply NXT Semi-Permanent colour, always wear gloves to protect your hands. You can apply the colour using a tint brush and bowl. For best results, the colour mixture should be applied to shampooed and towel dried hair. Alternatively, for longer lasting or more intense results, the product can be applied directly to dry hair.

Development Time

The development time is 20 minutes or 15 minutes with if you are applying heat to the hair. However, if you are using the colour on permed or straightened hair you should reduce the development time by 5 minutes. The vibrant Red and Deep Brown shades development time will vary between 5 and 20 minutes, dependent on the depth of result that is required. Note that for re-growth application apply the colour to the root area first. For refreshing the colour, apply the product to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, comb through and leave for 5-10 minutes.

At the end of the development time, gently emulsify the colour with a little warm water and rinse the hair thoroughly. Apply NXT colour protect shampoo, massage gently and rinse thoroughly. Finish with NXT colour protect conditioner or treatment mask, rinse thoroughly and style as normal.