Shade Guides

NXT Shade Guides

NXT boasts two extensive colour charts of 115 permanent hair colours and separately, 42 mildly oxidising semi-permanent hair dyes. Our Shade Guide colour charts have been created to enable you to showcase that broad spectrum of available shades to your clients.

The new NXT Matt Shade guide insert is available from your local wholesaler. To find your nearest stockist please click here.

For ‘true’ colour results always mix the NXT shade and developer as outlined in the product guidelines. To avoid irritation or reactions always carry out a skin patch test 24 hours before each colour application.

Check the NXT Colour Star to better understand simple tone issues. The Colour Star is divided into two sections: the warm side and the cool side. By using colours that are directly opposite each other the tone of the hair can be subdued.

Click here to see the NXT Colour Star

How to use the NXT Shade Guide

Use for demonstrative purposes during the client consultation. Be aware that it is a guide only and results may vary based on the base colour, density of white hair and colour build up in previously coloured hair.