Copper Browns

Copper Browns Permanent Hair Colours by NXT

About Copper Browns

When brown is too safe and red is too overpowering, coppers create a stylish and beautiful colour choice. Created with orange pigments to add a flame-like glow, you’ll be amazed by the control you can achieve with NXT Copper Brown shades. The best bit is that while some coppers are quick to fade, the innovative anti-fade technology in all our permanent hair colours ensures it’s colour safe until the client is ready for a new ‘do’.

As a colourist you’ll know creeping oxidisation causes red pigments to fade, leaving hair looking washed out and in need of regular colour refreshes. To keep your clients’ colour more vibrant for longer, NXT permanent dyes are formulated with plant botanicals that remove residual oxygen to keep colours ‘salon fresh’ between appointments. Simply stunning.

NXT professional dyes have been formulated to ensure that 100% of white hairs are covered at all shades under a level 9.00. Simply work with the 6% developer and select the depth of the shade according to the volume of the white coverage and the desired end result.

Copper brown shades should be mixed one part colour and one part developer and applied using a tint bowl and brush. Normal development time is 40 minutes although this should be adjusted according to guidelines on the pack and the desired appearance. The hairdresser should always carry out a patch test at least 48 hours before the colour service. Dab a small amount of dye behind the ear. In the event of irritation, itchiness or redness do not continue with colouring the hair.

Copper Brown Permanent Hair Colour Range

Discover the difference when you switch to NXT Copper Browns

From the quality coverage to the long-lasting anti-fade results even on copper tones, there’s so much to appreciate about NXT permanent hair colours. Whether you’re a salon owner or run your own freelance hairdressing business, what you’ll get really excited about is the dramatic savings that you’ll be able to make when you switch from your well-known colour brand. You’ll get two applications from each of our 100ml tubes at a lower price than many companies retail 50ml for. It’s a trade-only range that is retailed wholesale by hair and beauty distributors and we offer a variety of multi-buy promotions. To find out what a difference NXT could make to your business find your nearest local stockist here and ask about the great range of NXT professional hair products next time you visit.

How it works

When the Copper Browns shade is mixed with the hydrogen peroxide (the developer) and applied to the hair, a series of chemical reactions occur to transform the hair colour. The cuticle layer of the hair is opened allowing the colour to penetrate in to the cortex, where it oxidises and swells.

It’s all down to a series of clever chemical reactions. Once the hydrogen peroxide (the developer) has been blended with the colour and it has penetrated and oxidised in the hair’s cortex, the colour molecules from the Copper Browns shade are released into the hair shaft and the new hue is created.

The permanent colour change all happens deep in the hair’s shaft, which is oxidised by the hydrogen peroxide. Once the chemical reaction has occurCopper Browns, colour molecules in the Copper Browns dye are exposed to create a beautiful new shade.

To allow the Copper Browns to change the appearance of the hair, the ammonia in the colour and hydrogen peroxide in the developer first need to penetrate the cuticle and oxidise in the cortex. Once these chemical reactions have taken place, the colour molecules create a long-lasting colour.

Colouring hair with NXT permanent shades is so simple that it can be easy to forget that there is actually some pretty clever science taking place. Once the ammonia in the colour has softened the cuticle, the hydrogen peroxide oxidises the colour pigments. Another chemical reaction sees the small colour molecules from the Copper Browns shade deposited into the cortex which permanently changes the appearance of the hair.

The Copper Browns shades only work when mixed with the appropriate developer. This allows the hair’s cuticle to be opened and the colour pigments to penetrate the cortex. Small colour molecules then oxidise and expand within the inside of the hair to give the appearance of a whole new hue.