How Does The NXT Hair Colour Remover System Work?

It’s brilliantly simple really. When the permanent hair colour and developer solution are applied to the hair a chemical reaction causes large colour modules to be trapped in the hair. The NXT Hair Colour Remover System reverses this process by shrinking the molecules so that they can simply be rinsed from the hair.

This versatile product can be used up to three times in one sitting, and conveniently, you can colour the hair straight away after  the processing time is complete.

How to Use The Remover for Colour Correction

When permanent artificial colour is applied to the hair with developer, larger coloured dye molecules are formed which are trapped in the hair. To remove these large colour molecules they have to be reduced in size again and rinsed from the hair and that is exactly what the NXT Hair Colour Correction System does. It is in effect, the reverse reaction to the one that formed the colour.