Beige Blondes

Beige Blondes Permanent Hair Colours by NXT

About Beige Blondes

A subtle neutral collection that is perfect to balance gold tones in pre-lightened hair or natural warmth. Equal components of blue and yellow and ash pigments create multi-dimensions to the NXT Beige Blondes shade family. Colourists tell us this is a versatile and brilliant range of permanent hair colours that they keep coming back to again and again.

Our beige blonde deliver the richness, vibrancy and colour consistency that can only be achieved with salon-only hair colour and a skilled technician. Rather unexpectedly they come with an intelligent price tag that is significantly cheaper for a 100ml tube than many well-known colour brands sell their smaller tubes for.

You may wonder if the intelligent price tag means that the shades quickly lose their vibrancy. In fact, we use clever anti-fade technology that combats the oxidisation that leads to loss of colour. Whether you’re a salon colourist or work as a mobile hairdresser you’ll have the confidence that your beige blonde hues will hold until the appearance of regrowth means it’s time for a colour refresh.

Beige blondes are versatile reflects useful for all hair colouring services, including block colour, highlighting, free-hand painting and melting. For best results mix your chosen shade one part colour and one part developer and apply the colour to hair that is clean and dry. Normal development time is 40 minutes although always consult on-pack guidelines and monitor the client’s hair throughout the process for the desired result. It is the hairdresser’s responsibility to carry out a patch test at least 48 hours before colouring the hair. If irritation or redness occurs do not carry out the service.

Beige Blonde Permanent Hair Colour Range

Discover the difference when you change over to NXT Beige Blondes

Are you looking to make your pennies go a little further without compromising on quality? You’ll be astonished how much you can bank when you switch from a major-brand name to our economical 100ml tubes and your clients will be delighted that they still get the same stunning, long lasting hair colour.

How it works

When the Beige Blonde shade is mixed with the hydrogen peroxide (the developer) and applied to the hair, a series of chemical reactions occur to transform the hair colour. The cuticle layer of the hair is opened allowing the colour to penetrate in to the cortex, where it oxidises and swells.

It’s all down to a series of clever chemical reactions. Once the hydrogen peroxide (the developer) has been blended with the colour and it has penetrated and oxidised in the hair’s cortex, the colour molecules from the Beige Blonde shade are released into the hair shaft and the new hue is created.

The permanent colour change all happens deep in the hair’s shaft, which is oxidised by the hydrogen peroxide. Once the chemical reaction has occurBeige Blonde, colour molecules in the Beige Blonde dye are exposed to create a beautiful new shade.

To allow the Beige Blonde to change the appearance of the hair, the ammonia in the colour and hydrogen peroxide in the developer first need to penetrate the cuticle and oxidise in the cortex. Once these chemical reactions have taken place, the colour molecules create a long-lasting colour.

Colouring hair with NXT permanent shades is so simple that it can be easy to forget that there is actually some pretty clever science taking place. Once the ammonia in the colour has softened the cuticle, the hydrogen peroxide oxidises the colour pigments. Another chemical reaction sees the small colour molecules from the Beige Blonde shade deposited into the cortex which permanently changes the appearance of the hair.

The Beige Blonde shades only work when mixed with the appropriate developer. This allows the hair’s cuticle to be opened and the colour pigments to penetrate the cortex. Small colour molecules then oxidise and expand within the inside of the hair to give the appearance of a whole new hue.