Blonde Mahogany

Blonde Mahogany Permanent Hair Colours by NXT

About Blonde Mahogany

There’s something rather magical about a beautifully applied blonde mahogany. It’s that light-reflecting combination of the subtlest hints of red and violet and the staying power of the colour -thanks to our innovative anti-fade technology – that make the NXT Blonde Mahogany Permanent Hair shade family so exciting for technicians or mobile hairdressers to work with.
Formulated with plant botanicals that prevent creeping oxidisation – which causes the violet and red pigments to fade – the hair colourist can use these shades with absolute confidence that the colours will stay ‘salon fresh’ between appointments.
Our blonde mahogany shades provide 100% white coverage when used on bases below shade 9.00. For hair with a high percentage of whites always use with the 6% developer.
For perfect results mix one part mahogany blonde hair dye to one part lotion and apply to clean, dry hair using a tint bowl and brush. The hairdresser should carry out a patch test 48 hours before the first application and in the event of irritation or the appearance of redness do not continue with the service.

Blonde Mahogany Permanent Hair Colour Range

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How it works

When the Blonde Mahogany shade is mixed with the hydrogen peroxide (the developer) and applied to the hair, a series of chemical reactions occur to transform the hair colour. The cuticle layer of the hair is opened allowing the colour to penetrate in to the cortex, where it oxidises and swells.

It’s all down to a series of clever chemical reactions. Once the hydrogen peroxide (the developer) has been blended with the colour and it has penetrated and oxidised in the hair’s cortex, the colour molecules from the Blonde Mahogany shade are released into the hair shaft and the new hue is created.

The permanent colour change all happens deep in the hair’s shaft, which is oxidised by the hydrogen peroxide. Once the chemical reaction has occurBlonde Mahogany, colour molecules in the Blonde Mahogany dye are exposed to create a beautiful new shade.

To allow the Blonde Mahogany to change the appearance of the hair, the ammonia in the colour and hydrogen peroxide in the developer first need to penetrate the cuticle and oxidise in the cortex. Once these chemical reactions have taken place, the colour molecules create a long-lasting colour.

Colouring hair with NXT permanent shades is so simple that it can be easy to forget that there is actually some pretty clever science taking place. Once the ammonia in the colour has softened the cuticle, the hydrogen peroxide oxidises the colour pigments. Another chemical reaction sees the small colour molecules from the Blonde Mahogany shade deposited into the cortex which permanently changes the appearance of the hair.

The Blonde Mahogany shades only work when mixed with the appropriate developer. This allows the hair’s cuticle to be opened and the colour pigments to penetrate the cortex. Small colour molecules then oxidise and expand within the inside of the hair to give the appearance of a whole new hue.