Intensifiers by NXT

About Intensifiers

Our range of trade-only permanent hair colours has an enviable palette of 101 intermixable shades enabling you to create the appearance of all the most popular shades.

They’re easy to mix with a 1:1 ratio and offer enviable coverage of white hairs and innovative anti-fade technology that maintains all tones – especially reds, violets and copper.

Neutral Booster

Formulated to give a little extra oomph, the neutral booster adds an extra one to two levels of lift when mixed with your colour choice and developer.

Colour Correctors and Intensifiers

As a colour technician you’ll know that there are times when you need to push the boundaries to rescue a client’s at-home-colour dye job (without using the words ‘what were you thinking?’) or provide other colour correction services. Or perhaps you’ll have a client who wants a brighter, more dramatic pop of intense colour for an eye-catching head-turning hue.

Our blue and green correctors and violet, orange and red intensifiers are effective in conjunction with any shade (or combination of shades) within the NXT Permanent Hair Colour family and are the perfect tool to counter unwanted shades or add intense brightness.

They’re there to be used and enjoyed – please do not be nervous of them.
For optimum results mix as follows. Always be aware that these are safety tolerances in terms of both colour intensity and longevity. Altering the quantity will result in sacrificing the depth of colour or how long it lasts for.

Discover the difference when you use NXT Intensifiers

NXT’s extensive range of more than 100 permanent shades with excellent coverage are sold in 100ml tubes, giving you two applications per product – and with a price tag that is smaller than rival major brand products sell their 50 or 60 ml tubes. If you’re ready to make the change and experience huge savings for your hairdressing business without compromising on performance for your clients, visit your nearest hair and beauty wholesaler and enquire about the benefits you’ll experience when you switch over to the NXT professional colour range.