NXT Semi-Permanent Cream Releaser

Exclusively formulated for use with the NXT Mildly Oxidising Semi Permanent Colour, NXT Cream Releaser is a caring but effective stabilised cream peroxide.

The rich and creamy consistency of the mild peroxide blends brilliantly with our trade-only semi-permanent hair dyes for quick and easy application and fantastic results. Available in 1.5% volume, the releaser activates your quasi-permanent colour and mildly locks it into the hair for results that last from 18-24 washes.

How NXT Cream Releaser Works

For beautiful tone-on-tone colour with a stunning shine, you’ll need to activate our professional hair colours with gentle peroxide. The 1.5% cream releaser creates the chemical reaction that allows small and medium colour molecules to penetrate the hair cuticle and to a lesser extent the cortex to temporarily alter the appearance of the hair.
The NXT releaser is formulated with conditioning agents so that your client’s hair will be protected from the harmful effects of hydrogen peroxide. It’s all about rich, vibrant, glossy looks that look and feel fantastic.

How to Use NXT Cream Releaser

For use by hairdressing professionals only. For standard application mix one part professional hair colour to two parts lotion. However for a more intense result on white hair adjust to 1:1.5.
Apply to pre-shampooed and towel dried hair using a tint bowl and brush or any applicator flask. Process for 20 mins for standard application. Reduce by 5 mins if the hair has recently been through another chemical process, such as straightening or perming.
To remove emulsify the product, rinse thoroughly and condition.
For colour longevity, always encourage your clients to use professional colour-safe aftercare. We recommend the IQ care and styling range.
NXT Cream Releaser contains the latest technology and developments, but at an unexpectedly low price tag. Now available at many hair and beauty wholesalers, including Capital Hair and Aston & Fincher, pop in to discover what a difference you could make when you Switch and Save.