Albina Before Shot

Step by Step

Step 1

Section in to 4.  Leaving out a small face frame section at front

Step 2

Apply root colour 5-35 +3% to a long regrowth area using a feathering technique with the brush to blend, this will provide the base root shade.

Step 3

Using NXT Protech bleach +3% (Meche could be an option here), Working in diagonal sections, using a chunky weave this was then teased and the darker sections freehand surface painted.  Take care not to overlap on to the ends that are already pre-lightened. Isolate sections with foam wraps.

Step 4

Working using a Chunky weave apply Shade 1 flat painted isolate using foam wraps. 

Step 5

Steps 3 and 4 were repeated alternating over the head. 

Step 6

Face Framed using Micro slices with Protech Bleach +3% (Meche could be an option here) at the front section. This was processed for 40 mins and removed using the IQ Volumizing shampoo and conditioner

Step 7

Toned with 8-13 + 3% global application, roots to points on towel dried hair. Processed for 20 mins  Remove colour, by rinsing emulsifying shampooing and conditioning with IQ Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Step 8

IQ Blow dry Cream was applied

Step 9

Blow-dried in a lose natural wave using IQ Blow-dry Cream

Step 10

The hair was finished with IQ Hair Spray

The finished look.