Fiery Red

Before Shot

Step by Step_Firey Red_Before

Create beautiful fiery reds with NXT Permanent Colour. Enya, with a naturally copper based tone, was looking for a brighter, bolder look with a beautiful reflective shine.

Step By Step

Step by Step_Firey Red_StepOne

Step 1

Prepare the colour. Mix NXT Pro-Tech Bleach with NXT Créme Developer 10vol/3% ratio 1:2 (for the foils). Mix NXT Permanent Colour 7-4 with NXT Créme Developer 20vol/6% ratio 1:1 for global colour application.

Step by Step_Firey Red_StepTwo

Step 2

Section the hair in a diamond formation ready for the colour application.

Step by Step_Firey Red_StepThree

Step 3

Use foil strips to apply the Bleach mix to 4 sections on each side of the head from the front to the back.

Step by Step_Firey Red_StepFour

Step 4

On the remainder of the hair, apply the global application colour 7-4 with NXT Créme Developer 20vol/6% from root to tip.

Step by Step_Firey RedStepFive

Step 5

Allow to develop for 35 minutes, then thoroughly rinse.

Step by Step_Firey Red_stepSix

Step 6

Use a brush and freehand technique to apply NXT Semi-Permanent Colour 7-43 to the highlighted sections of the hair, and leave in for 20 minutes. Then rinse, shampoo and condition using IQ Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step by Step_Firey Red_stepSeven

Step 7

Towel dry hair and apply IQ 10-in-1 spray treatment and comb through.

Step by Step_Firey Red_StepEight

Step 8

For protection and added shine, start with a pound coin size dose of IQ Blow Dry Cream, distributing throughout the hair. For thicker, longer hair you may need more product. Then blow dry to style.

Step by Step_Firey Red_StepNine

Step 9

Apply IQ Hairspray to hold the look in place.

The Finished Look