Grey Coverage

Before Shot

SBS 2 Before Look

Step By Step

Grey 1

Step 1

Starting where there is the highest percentage of white hair, begin applying to the roots. Use regrowth formula: 20g 6-0 + 20g 6-7 + 40g 6%

Grey 2

Step 2

Work through the head ensuring all the regrowth is covered

Grey 3

Step 3

Baby-lights formula: 50g NXT Meche Extra lightening powder + 30g NXT Meche Extra lightening cream + 50g 6%. Starting at the front hairline, take a diagonal section and weave fine ‘baby-lights’ using foil or meche. Apply to the weaved hair and blend with the edge of the regrowth colour to avoid a hard line

Grey 4

Step 4

Continue working up through the section to the top. Take care to gently blend the line between the two colours

Grey 5

Step 5

Ends formula: NXT Semi-Permanent 30g 7-77 + 60g NXT Releaser 1.5%. Comb through the semi-permanent formula through the ends carefully blending with the regrowth colour. Take care not to comb the regrowth colour off the roots or to disturb the baby-lights

Grey 6

Step 6

Leave the colour to process

The Finished Look

The finished colour is a warm natural looking colour with a soft sun-lightened effect